Friday, December 14, 2012

Personalized Handmade Dolls

So thankful all of the personalized dolls are done!  Now, time to introduce them to you all!

First up....Baylie!

Baylie is made from designer fabrics by Robert Kaufman.  She comes with bloomers, a slip (hehe, remember those) with a vintage crocheted edge, and a one of a kind "leaf" apron.  Her shoes are made of red corduroy.  Her facial features are all hand embroidered along with her name on her bum.  She now lives in Vermont with her new mommy.

Meet Avery....

Avery was made for a friends daughter. Avery is made of a cute pink fabric.  Her "hair" fabric is some lovely fabric I picked up at the International Quilt Festival.  All of her seams have been double stitched and fray checked, her arms and legs have been sewn on by hand using quilting thread for extra durability.  Her scarf is made out of some left over knit fabric from my infinity scarf tutorial.  Her leg warmers are hand knit using a designer yarn I picked up at my local yarn shop.  Avery now lives in Los Angeles, California with her new mommy. 

Meet Aidrey....

Aidrey is my niece, and I decided to make her a doll for Christmas this year. She is made from fabric I bought at the International Quilt Festival.  She has purple yarn hair that I picked up at my local yarn shop. I love her jersey knit chevron scarf.  Her face is all hand embroidered and all of her limbs have been stitched on by hand using a strong quilting thread.  Aidrey is made to have thin, easy to grab limbs.  This is the perfect style doll for a girl to "drag" around with her.  

Her name is also hand embroidered on her tush.  

Will be posting more custom orders in the days to come...... 

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  1. Fabulous and super cute personalised dolls i can ever seen.
    Thanking you for this post!