Monday, July 5, 2010

Washcloth Cupcake Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
(this is to make 1 washcloth cupcake)
2 baby washcloths
small rubberbands (I like to use the hair tie elastics instead)
small pom pom in color of your choice
1 white cupcake liner
1 decorative cupcake liner of your choice
hot glue gun

Lay your washcloth out flat
fold over one side about 1/3 of the way.
Fold over the other edge as shown in picture, then fold in half.
Begin to roll tightly
Make sure you roll at a slight angle to give the "frosting" height.
This is what it should look like all rolled up.
Fold the 2nd washcloth (cupcake) in the same manner as the 1st washcloth (frosting).
Place the 'frosting washcloth" in the "cupcake washcloth.
Roll tightly. (do not roll at an angle like you did with the frosting)
This is what it should look like all rolled up.
Place two elastic hair ties (or rubber bands) around the outer washcloth to secure.
Place in white cupcake liner.
Place white cupcake liner and cupcake in the decorative cupcake liner
Place a matching elastic hair tie (or rubberband) around the decorative cupcake liner for a more polished look.
Get your toothpick and pom-pom.
Place a generous dot on the pom-pom and press the flat side of the toothpick into the glue and hold until glue sets.
This is what it should look like.
Push the toothpick with the pom-pom down into the center of the "frosting" washcloth.
There you have it! A washcloth cupcake!
Make 6 washcloth cupcakes and place in a decorative cupcake box. (I bought this one at Hobby Lobby)
Decorate the outside of the box with ribbon and 3-D stickers (you can buy 3-D stickers in the scrapbook aisle at your local craft shop)

You can use these washcloth cupcakes as party favors, or to put several on display as a centerpiece, or give to your favorite expectant mom!


  1. Too Cute Ellie! I will definitely try this...thanks for sharing

  2. Very Cute Ellie! I will try this and give it out as gifts...

  3. VERY CUTE!!!! I'm gonna have to make some for my SIL. Made my first diaper cake for her baby shower and was suprised how fun and easy it was!

  4. Love the tutorial, very creative and informative.

  5. This is just what i was looking for. Im throwing a cupcake themed baby shower and this will be an addorable decoration. Thank you

  6. Aunt Cynthia
    I really like this cupcake process! Very cute, thanks for sharing.